DrHub Portal

DrHub Search is a doctor search engine that helps consumers find the best doctors. Users can book appointments with doctors, consultants, labs, ambulance care and much more.

DrHub RX Network

DrHub RX e-Prescription feature enables your practice to maintain efficiency and patient satisfaction.


DrHubEHS health data repository based on open-source, vendor-neutral clinical data models for creation of new solutions and services. Client and patients have access to Life-long electronic patient health records used for care coordination and chronic disease management.

DrHubEHS is a customizable EHR that Empowers Doctors to Define their Clinical Workflows and Treatment Plans to Enhance Patient Outcomes

  • Pharmacy & Inventory

    Radiology and Pacs

    Patient Portal

    Laboratories & External Lab Interfaces

  • Define Customized Forms

    Chart Clinical Workflows & Treatment Plans

    Modules for Specialized Processes

    Online Scheduling

  • Practice Management Billing

    Telemedicine-Video Consultation

    Medical Health Records

    Payment Platform

Cloud based economical HMS alternative to expensive licensing models.

  • Online Scheduling

    Payment Platform

    Admissions and Registration

    Operation Theater Management

  • Telemedicine-Video Consultation

    Ward and Bed Management

    Medical/Health Records

    Doctors Desk

  • Critical Care/Emergency Medicine

    Laboratories & Nursing Station

    Radiology and Pacs

    Patient Portal